Pakistanis give their life for Greeks

At the very same time that Greek goverment plans immigrant detention camps, something “unusual” for the conservative and xenophobic citizens and politicians took place, in an area near Athens, called Krioneri, a few days ago.
Rail and road intersections are just crime sceneries, waiting for the tragic protagonists to try unsuccessfully to cross them.
According to information, an over speeding car, skidded off its course, flipped and stuck on the rails. An old couple was inside, trapped in the car. Many nearby workers -both Greek and immigrants- ran towards to see what happened. But only three Pakistanis aproached and tried to pull the senior citizens out. The three men tried and tried, but it wasn’t easy. A train was aproaching, so one of them ran to save his life. The other two decided that they had to stay. Unfotunately the train was too fast and didn’t have enough time to stop. The elderly couple and two of their rescuers were carried away and killed by the train.

The names of the Pakistanis were Humayun Anwar, born in 1993 and Wakar Ahmed, born in 1979. Two young people who lost their lives trying to save the lives of people much older than them, people of different nation, religion and culture. Furthermore, these are the people that the Greek goverment believes and tries to persuade the Greek society that are dangerous and must be “kept” or “imprisoned” in immigrant detention camps.

It’s a tragic irony, but while I was writing this little tribune to these heroes, I was listening to music and the radio station’s choise was Last Train to London and I couldn’t ignore the lyrics:

I should have been away
But I knew I’d have to stay